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Each of the following videos runs for approx. 20 mins and can be purchased for $10.00. These are high quality wide screen videos taken from the original 1 hour dvds. (As you would expect, the highest quality movies can be purchased on dvd).
At Mature-Underwear we have discovered the secret to producing highly erotic videos and pictures .... point the camera in the right direction!! Try one, you'll see EXACTLY what we mean!
The download time will vary according to your pc connection, as a rough guide, expect a full 20 minute video to take around 30 mins to 45 minutes to download onto your pc. After that the video is yours to play as and when you like.
When you decide to buy, the payment option will show a "3 day" period. This relates to the amount of time you are given within which you should download the video (if for some reason you fail to do this .. please ask for an extention period). Obviously, once downloaded, the video is yours forever.
Once you have made your purchase you will be given very simple instructions on exactly what to do. Even if you've never used a pc before now, you will find the process easy, just a few clicks of your mouse to bring these videos into your home.
Please note: To play these videos you will NOT need to purchase any additional software!!

For short video samples of the quality of these videos, please go to the preview page. The videos below can be viewed at larger sizes as required

Arabella scene 1

Conchitta and Cristiana scene 1

Crissy scene 1

Danica and Red scene 1

Arabella scene 2

Terri and Amanda scene 1

Crissy scene 2

Terri scene 1

Red and Susan scene 1

Crissy scene 3

Caresse's naughty chat

Jasmine 3 scene 2 (Talking)

Danica 6 scene 2 (Talking)

Susan Talks Dirty

Red and Danica

Jasmine 3 scene 2

Kim Scene 2

Kim Scene 3

Terri at the office

Terri's open girdle and stockings scene

Danica in tight mini, c-thru panties and a top struggling to contain her magnificent cleavage

Terri in mini skirt and tights (pantyhose)

Danica's "Upskirt" scene, Green summer dress, see thru panties .. HOT!!

Terri does a very slow strip, in 6 strap suspender and stockings .. erotica heaven!!

Susan shows that very shapely body .. in ff stockings .. slowly!!

Tanya in a teasy upskirt scene with sheer panties .. then without

Susan does a very slow strip

Terri looking pretty hot in pink

Crissy in crotchless bodystocking then in her bedroom scene

From Terri's lates video .. in pantyhose (tights), figure hugging dress and heels

The very shapely Sally in tartan mini skirt and stockings

Tanya strips to open girdle, stockings and heels

Susan's bedroom scene .. caution .. hot!!!

Crissy does a very teasy strip ... Mature Erotica at its best!!!

Delicious Dee gets her knickers wet

Lucy gets hot in the bedroom

Toytime for the lovely Terri

Gilly Sampson in pantyhose

Busty Allison dressed for the office

Crissy's erotic strip on the glass table

Crissy gets hot in the kitchen

The lovely Terri teases then strips in the bedroom

Allison in pantyhose (Windows format)p> 

Red scene 1 (Windows format)

Gilly Sampson plays hide the cucumber (Windows format)

Susan 2 scene 1 (Windows format)

Jill scene J (Windows format)

Allison 2 scene 1 (Windows format)


Tanya2 scene 3 (Windows format)

Solange scene 2 (Windows format)

Diane scene 3 (Windows format)

Red scene 2 (Windows format)

Sally scene 3 (Windows format)

Danica talks to you as she strips and plays hide the vibrator

Robyn Talks (Windows format)

Danica gets wet (Windows format)

Crissy 4 scene 2 (Windows format)

Kim 2 scene 3 (Windows format)

Jayne talks dirty (Windows format)

Denny in pantyhose (Windows format)

Danica 5 scene 2 (Windows format)

Denny scene 1 (Talking -Windows format)

Danica 6 scene 1 (Upskirt ... Talking)

Tigerlily in crotchless pantyhose

Tanya 6 scene 2

Danica 6 scene 2

Robyn scene 2

Tanya 7 scene 1

Danica 7 scene 1

JR scene 2

Tanya 7 scene 2

Danica 7 scene 3 (Danica's hot talk)

Jayne L scene 1 (Jayne talks dirty)

Denny 2 scene 2

JR scene 3

Crissy 4 scene 1

Sandy 2 scene 2

Suzzanne scene 2

Allison 4 scene 2

JR scene 1

Danica and Jill

Tess scene 1

Crissy scene 2

Tigerlily scene 1

Jill scene 2

Sally S scene 1

Crissy 4 scene 3

Tess scene 2

Crissy 2 scene 1

Tanya 6 scene 1

Toytime for Bee

Sandy in girdle and stockings

Denny has a workout

Solange spreads on the bed

Jayne L shows off those magnificent curves

Busty blonde babe Carol shows off her charms (lots of nice upskirt and under table shots!)

The gorgeous and curvacious Judith in short dress and pantyhose

Busty blonde Milf Robyn Ryder performs a hot secretarial striptease

Denny in stockings and see through nightdress

Sue shows off her natural charms in the bedroom

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